Matthew Weatherley-White

Matthew Weatherley-White is a well-regarded speaker and emerging thought leader on the subject of impact investing, specifically as it relates to integrating and harmonizing impact strategies through portfolio construction. 

He has presented and participated in panel discussions at leading conferences, including SOCAP, Play BIG, Take Action! and SRI in the Rockies. Most recently, he was a contributor to “New Foundation for Portfolio Management,” a white paper published by RSF Social Finance and Portfolio 21. The paper challenges conventional assumptions around risk, growth and capital utility and proposes a new approach to portfolio analytics. In so doing the authors suggest an alternative framework for the future of Modern Portfolio Theory. Matthew orchestrated The CAPROCK Group’s successful effort to become a Founding B Corp and enthusiastically leads his firm’s increasing commitment to Impact Investing, particularly through “capacity building” opportunities. Towards this end, Matthew serves in an advisory capacity for several firms and initiatives: TriLinc Global, Surya Capital, ImpactAssets and the Global Impact Investing Rating System (GIIRS) among them.

Matthew is a founder and partner at The CAPROCK Group – a global multi-family office with offices in Seattle, Silicon Valley and Boise. Prior to founding The CAPROCK Group, Matthew was a partner in The Owyhee Group, a boutique advisory team within Smith Barney. During Matthew’s 14 years with Smith Barney, he was a member of Citigroup’s elite Leadership Development Program, helped shape the firm’s Private Wealth Management platform (an industry-leading approach to serving high-net worth families), and was an early investor in several SRI-focused equity funds. Matthew received his undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College, graduating “With Distinction.” His tenure recently ended as Chairman for the Lee Pesky Learning Center, an organization he joined as a founding board member in 1997. 

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