Steering impact investing toward a 2020 tipping point

"On the heels of the G20 meeting in Hamburg will come a summit of the Impact 16 in Chicago. That’s the number of countries, with the recent addition of Finland and Argentina, that have formed national advisory boards to accelerate the practice of impact investing," begins ImpactAlpha's latest article.

The 3 minute read guides audiences through the evolution of the group behind Impact 16;

"...the Global Social Impact Investment Steering Group, or GSG, is the closest thing to a United Nations for the movement to integrate social and environmental impact into the risk/reward calculations of financial decision-making."

and shares buzz-worthy predictions about the nature of global impact assets circa the next 5 years.

It also announced that the Ford Foundation's president, Darren Walker, will keynote the event and lists a few other speakers you can expect to see there. On that roster is The CAPROCK Group's own Matthew Weatherley-White.

Read the full article here.

This content was written by David Bank and published by ImpactAlpha

ImpactAlpha partnered with the Global Steering Group to manage the GSG Honors award competition.


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