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SOCAP – The Impact Investing Mosh Pit

I was musing on the upcoming SOCAP conference last night, a gathering of Impact Investing’s glitterati and an event I have often referred to as “impact’s finest mosh pit”, when it struck me that I should post my thoughts before I attend this year rather than after. This would give me the opportunity to go public with my predictions, and eat crow next weekend as I review just how wrong I was. As Oliver Wendell Holmes (the second-rate poet, not the Supreme Court Justice) once wrote, “Choose your words carefully, for someday you may be forced to eat them.”...


A Tale Of Two Impacts

With a title like "A Tale Of Two Impacts", the temptation is high to offer some sort of Dickensian quote to kick this post off... but I'll spare the reader. Instead, I'll start by observing the surreal juxtaposition of an security-and-canapés event hosted by Rockefeller Advisors and the Federal Reserve Bank followed promptly by the impact mosh pit known as SOCAP. With my punk roots (yep, my high school band was named "Gang Green" - an early nod to environmentalism?), one would have thought that the latter would have been the more interesting. Well... one would have been wrong.


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