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Late Afternoon Thoughts on Crowdfunding

Plowing through the detritus of another hectic work week, I came across an article that a good friend sent me regarding “crowdfunding”… one of the hottest, and most controversial, subjects to emerge in the world of capital formation since… well, since the beginning of securities markets....


A View From the State Department

A controversial theory within the CD Beltway suggests that conventional aid as a tool of foreign policy – particularly when untethered from the linked restraints of common sense, familiarity with history, and a graduate student’s understanding of geopolitics - inevitably sparks unintended consequences. In most cases, these consequences are manageable. More money, a regime change, a manufactured crisis in a near-by capital… much can be engineered to divert attention until a pear-shaped situation normalizes. In extreme cases, however these consequences can result in developments that run in direct opposition to the aid itself. Recent adventures abroad provide plenty of examples of both. 


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