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An Early Morning Meditation On Being A Pioneer

Tom's point (and I've heard it argued before, but always from the purely environmental perspective... which tends to get a bit idealistic and impractical in terms of implementation) is that using coal is not evil. Quite the opposite. Coal use is the inevitable consequence of failing to set the rules such that the actual cost of using the commodity is reflected in its price. Full-cost accounting is no new concept, so I don't want to imply that Tom is somehow waving a magic wand over a problem that nobody has been able to crack. But he is the first person I've heard talk about it from the perspective of the CFO rather than from the perspective of the guy who lives downwind from the coal-fired plant....


A Tale Of Two Impacts

With a title like "A Tale Of Two Impacts", the temptation is high to offer some sort of Dickensian quote to kick this post off... but I'll spare the reader. Instead, I'll start by observing the surreal juxtaposition of an security-and-canapés event hosted by Rockefeller Advisors and the Federal Reserve Bank followed promptly by the impact mosh pit known as SOCAP. With my punk roots (yep, my high school band was named "Gang Green" - an early nod to environmentalism?), one would have thought that the latter would have been the more interesting. Well... one would have been wrong.


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