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SOCAP – The Impact Investing Mosh Pit

I was musing on the upcoming SOCAP conference last night, a gathering of Impact Investing’s glitterati and an event I have often referred to as “impact’s finest mosh pit”, when it struck me that I should post my thoughts before I attend this year rather than after. This would give me the opportunity to go public with my predictions, and eat crow next weekend as I review just how wrong I was. As Oliver Wendell Holmes (the second-rate poet, not the Supreme Court Justice) once wrote, “Choose your words carefully, for someday you may be forced to eat them.”...


Myth-Busting, Impact Investing Style

A few years ago, I was invited to join a conference in Atlanta hosted by the guys at Watershed Capital. Watershed, an impact-geared investment and merchant bank, is doing some fantastic work in “field building” and capital flow acellerating through their well-regarded Five Fund Forums. If you don’t know these guys, take a minute to get acquainted, as they are becoming a quiet force in sustainable investing.


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