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A Thank You Card To Germany

“Indeed, the German people are paying significant money but in Germany, we can afford this — we are a rich country. It’s our gift to the world.” - Markus Steigenberger, Agora

“The Germans were not really buying power — they were buying price decline.” - Hal Harvey, Energy Innovation...

Clean Tech: A Bright Future Translates into a Compelling Impact Investing Opportunity

While long championed by environmentalists for ethical and moral reasons, and heavily supported in the past by government subsidies for policy reasons, renewable energy appears to have reached a tipping point for purely pragmatic reasons. As costs to install alternative energy generation continue to drop, adopting clean tech makes financial sense."


Exploring the Values-Aligned Capital Landscape

Demand for values aligned investing – namely investment vehicles reflecting specific environmental or social values – is experiencing unprecedented growth. Investors have moved past negatively screened ESG vehicles and are now demanding a deeper expression of their specific values across their portfolios. There is also a greater emphasis on values expression at the corporate level through shareholder activism, which is changing the landscape of proxy voting....

Celebrating our Recognition by B Corp as "Best for the World" for Worker Impact

As investors taking a holistic approach to total portfolio value alignment, we spend a lot of time evaluating different investment strategies for (what else?) impact. However, we think the relative impact created by the fund manager as a corporate entity is also an important measure of, among other things, authenticity. Our proprietary impact scoring system assesses this impact and incorporates it into our total analysis. Because, really, should you entrust your capital to an impact fund manager who eschews the opportunity to run her business in a way that creates impact?...

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