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Early morning thoughts on Democratized risk capitalů

"...what caught my eye this morning on a WSJ blog post is the emergence of online angel groups, known as angel syndicates. Syndicates have of course been around for a long time, but goalposts have been moved. A lot. The subject under discussion is the extent to which these angel groups are changing the rules and process of conventional angel investing."

Like most investors, I am aware of the recent easing in the government’s long-standing restrictions on fundraising. Entrepreneurs are celebrating, pointing to a bright new future when anyone with $25 can support a start-up company. Venture funds are voicing concern, highlighting the very real probability that a lot of money will be lost (conveniently ignoring the fact that “professional” venture investors are perfectly capable of losing staggering amounts of capital, thank you very much). And investors are cheering the emergence of angel markets. 


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