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SOCAP – The Impact Investing Mosh Pit

I was musing on the upcoming SOCAP conference last night, a gathering of Impact Investing’s glitterati and an event I have often referred to as “impact’s finest mosh pit”, when it struck me that I should post my thoughts before I attend this year rather than after. This would give me the opportunity to go public with my predictions, and eat crow next weekend as I review just how wrong I was. As Oliver Wendell Holmes (the second-rate poet, not the Supreme Court Justice) once wrote, “Choose your words carefully, for someday you may be forced to eat them.”...

Zero Trade-off ESG Fixed Income? Really?

There has been a flutter of buzz around a fixed income strategy that we co-incubated – a core bond portfolio with an integrated HIP Score. Aside from the predictable constellation of blog posts flowing from the Impact Investing community, a handful of more thoughtful articles have been written. Financial Advisor Magazine’s respected journalist, Jeri Bier, even took the time to interview the key players for her article to ensure accuracy. How… responsible. If you read the article, you’ll hear SNW’s CEO Eddie Bernhardt, HIP’s founder Paul Hermann and your humble scrivener at TCG. Booyah....

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