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If a Dog can Get Access to Capitalů

Impact investing has grown a lot as a sector in recent years, yet access to impact product is still often limited to high net worth individuals, foundations, and institutions. Barring some negatively screened public equity funds, the average small investor often lacks access to the impact universe. The good news is that this is starting to change. Our conversation with TriLinc Global CEO Gloria Nelund explores the process of building an investment product that truly democratizes access to impact investments. In the future, even Fido could have an impact portfolio!...

Late Night Thoughts on Raising Capital, Part I (while listening to Massive Attack)

I have heard from so many people, particularly in the impact investing community, that capital introduction professionals are just leeches. They serve no valid role in the financial services ecosystem. To make my point before the argument, I disagree. Quite strenuously, actually. But not universally....

The (Partial) Results Are In!

Anyone who knows us understands that we are passionate impact investors. And if you don’t know us well, just troll our blogs. They’ll deliver a clear sense of how we think about using the power of the capital market to help create the world in which we all (presumably) want to live. 


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