i3: Philosophy on Impact Investing

There are three broad groups of Impact Investors. "Finance First" investors commit capital with the expectation of financial return and the potential for social or environmental impact. "Impact First" investors commit capital with the expectation that the investment will have an environmental, social, and/or governance impact and the potential for a financial return. And "Catalyst First" investors commit capital with the express intention of embracing pioneer risk; seeking to expand the impact ecosystem, they invest in companies which offer the potential for leveraged impact. Of course, there exists a continuum between these three extremes.

The partners at The CAPROCK Group place themselves on the "Finance First" end with a bias towards catalyzing investments. As such, the i3 process evaluates every potential impact investment through the lens of the probability of financial return, and the associated risks to that pursuit. The proprietary tools they have developed to build customized, sophisticated, "conventional" portfolios are the same tools they use to build impact–oriented portfolios. This allows their clients to develop highly personalized impact themes and to support those themes with powerful analytics. Most importantly, The CAPROCK Group's relentless focus on liquidity, transparency and objectivity gives impact-oriented clients the confidence to activate their entire portfolio in support of their mission, knowing that their wealth will not be squandered on a series of well-intentioned, but potentially flawed, investments.

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About i3:

The great challenges we face –energy, food, medicine, the environment, etc. – will stretch the imagination and determination of entrepreneurs, government and society. We believe that the intersection of money and mission, of the invisible hand and the "invisible heart", will provide the answers we need. Impact Investing: redefining the meaning of capitalism.
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